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March 19th, 2009

Sorry folks, ‘real world’ responsibilities have the Trashcan being put temporarily on hold. Moar to come at a later date.

Dr. Manhattan has a blue penis. Viagra is blue. Coincidence?
March 6th, 2009


Originally cribbed from Newgrounds, c/o Happy Harry productions. I have to say that this is absolutely brilliant. So horribly 80s, so horribly divergent from the source material and so utterly hilarious. I’m not sure if my favorite part is the bit with Nite Owl being a blatant shout out to Michaelangelo’s scene from the old TMNT cartoon or the part with the Comedian and Laurie, which is the creepiest bit in the whole thing.

Watch this. It’s solid gold.

Some real content will be coming soon, too. Just incredibly busy with other stuff at the moment. Don’t know when I’ll post my thoughts on the cinematic Watchmen, either. Popular consensus is that it will do strong opening weekend numbers and then plummet off the face off the Earth. Not sure about that, as I think people who are looking to sate their Dark Knight cravings will eventually go and check this out and ‘word of mouth’ will carry this film for a respectable showing.

Of course, if this film does great you know what that means, right? SEQUEL-TIME, BABY!

Some ideas,

– Somebody’s killing heroes…again. An angry Rorshach is back and is hungry for vengeance. Watch out!

– 40 years into the future, all of the ‘old’ Watchmen are now dead or on their last legs. An aging Dr. Manhattan (played by Mickey Rourke) tries to re-connect with his old flame and looks back on his life, wondering if he did the right thing.

– Since the idea of a gengineered space alien was ‘too weird’ for regular film goers to wrap their heads around, director Zack Snyder opts to use an old Hollywood standby for the sequel to the ‘critically acclaimed’ Watchmen. Also, a subtle wink to the ‘competition’ is incorporated in the sequel, which sees the Comedian rising from the dead to command a horde of zombies and to seek vengeance on Ozymandias. A ‘brilliant’ twist to the zombie genre where the good guys are the monsters!

Reasons Why Ovechkin > Crosby #2
March 4th, 2009

Alexander Ovechkin is not afraid of straight up ending your shit, teammate or not:


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