Learning About Journalism
November 28th, 2014



As though I haven’t mentioned the word “Harper” enough to warrant an investigation from Ed Greenwood or CSIS, here are some more thoughts regarding what’s going on with some recent developments pertaining to the GamerGate Autoblocker.


On Blacklists, Censorship & Twitter
November 25th, 2014



Oh Christ, another Gamergate (GG) article? Isn’t that so last month?

Probably. But I did want to talk about GamerGate, considering that I have written about video games and media coverage in the past on here, and arts and media criticism is one of the things that I “do” on here. It scratches a particular itch in my brain, and I’ve found I haven’t been able to avoid all the coverage cropping up on the web these days.

I wanted to touch on recent events and this will probably be a kickoff to discussing other stuff relating to GamerGate.


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