How the mighty have fallen…
January 29th, 2009


The best part for me? When the guy is in the coffee shop and explains to the idiot that is AWESTRUCK with Ye Olde Magick Music Programme that his daughter could use Songsmith for two reasons. The first is that I absolutely cannot wait to see what Apple is going to do with this with their ‘I’m a Mac’ commercials. You know they’re going to be doing something. The second is that I remember when people used to live in mortal fear of having their kid know more about the inner workings of their computer and it was sort of referred to in a ‘wink, wink, nudge, nudge’ sort of way. Amazing that not only is Microsoft scared as hell of Apple and their Geico-friendly computers, but they’re utterly and completely failing to address it!

I mean, fuck, this is something you would expect to see on a late night infomercial. Everything, from the production values, to the Stepford-esque mentality being exhibited by everyone is FRIGHTENING.

Reasons Why Alexander Ovechkin is better than Sidney Crosby #1:
January 25th, 2009

The point of the All Star Game is to see your favorite stars having some fun and not taking things seriously, while they participate in a bunch of pointless contests, right? Now, I don’t know about you, but would you rather deal with Mr. Blander Than A Bowl of Oatmeal Crosby:


Or someone who actually looks like he’s having fun out there and takes the game for what it is?

Ovechkin\'s Tilley Hat vs. Babcock\'s Fedora. Who ya got?

I’m not sure about my American friends, but up here, we got a dose of both Crosby and Ovechkin during the Skills Competition yesterday. Crosby’s interview was dull, boring and stereotypical of just about any professional sports athlete from the last 30 years or so. Polite, boring and saying nothing new. Ovechkin’s little stint in the Breakaway Competition, though? When was the last time you saw props being used in what was essentially a contest based on hotdogging and showing off? Also, it was nice of the CBC to completely ignore the Malkin/Ovechkin ‘mini-feud’, rendering it to a one word mention.

Seriously, NHL, the fact you guys continue to ignore Ovechkin while continuing to market Sidney Crosby to everyone is getting silly. Professional sports already has way too many dull types who speak in a mumbling monotone as it is! You want to differentiate yourselves from the other sports that are out there? Why not promote the game being one where the players are actually having fun and with players who have, oh, I don’t know, a personality?

Crazy, I know!

There really is a Wikipedia article for everything…
January 25th, 2009

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Coming up soonish, an educational rant on Metallica. But now, I have to get back to Tobias Smollett.

Introductions (Aren’t Really My Bag)
January 23rd, 2009

Well, hello and welcome to the Internet Trashcan, non-existant audience who isn’t reading this!

First of all, I know I’m a little late to the party, but here’s a song, in honor of W, who, if you haven’t heard, is no longer President of the United States. I know! When did THAT happen?


What? It’s appropriate, innit?

Anyway, this is going to be my blog and is going to touch on a variety of topics. I’ll be writing about everything from hockey to comic books to whatever else may go in between. Sometimes I’ll be posting news stories or webpages that I find interesting or useful for whatever stories I may be working on. Yeah, so there’s really nothing that distinguishes me from the other hojillion blogs run by 20somethings out there…yet!

Content will be up and coming, though, so check back during this weekend!

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